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Aussie Doggy's Downunder now introducing new lines for doggy parents!

designer quiltDowntown Doggy has already introduced the rest of the world to it's Downtown Doggy label,   the bellaTUTU brand, for some 5 years. The  range is an incredibly detailed  hand made designer range...These are limited edition designer jackets. Not only are our designs chic and adorable, but also very functional and comfortable to wear.

Downtown Doggy has set new style parameters, introducing people runway fashion for dogs at affordable prices for the fashion conscious pooch owner. We didn't commence with the mind set..... "designing for dogs"....we choose fabrics and accessories that humans wear. "We just want to bring something great and so different to the table!" As a progression from this we have taken the next step to offer some gorgeous handmade items ont he website.

We are always inspired by people fashion always believing in "only the best for our dogs" at DD. We  have a unique look and style that came out of being adventurous. For those who have purchased our styles, it is well known that every jacket will look a little different with different placement of rips, frays, buttons charms and embellishments.


WELL HOT OFF THE PRESS!  KEEP AN EYE OUT ON THE WEBSITE FOR THE NEW BELLATUTU Designer bedroom accessories. We will be showing our spectacular handmade quilts and coverlets, and fashion cushions. These are all unique and each one different, hand-dyed and beaded, buttoned and appliqued to the bellatutu.!!!!!!. Each quilt will be signed and numbered.

designer bedspread


email all bedspread enquiries to

We hope you all enjoy our doggy designer range and hope your baby gets as much love and cuddles out of wearing it as we do making it.

In a "dog eat dog" world there will always be impostors and those that have no ideas of their own, who feel more comfortable copying a style from other designers. My dad always used to say that "being copied is the highest form of flattery". Well, of late we are feeling significantly flattered as many people are emulating our style. Only accept an original "downtown doggy", beware of copies or imitations.


If you have any questions please feel to call Margo Plowright on the number below.

If you have any queries please email us at:

Downtown Doggy

31 Highland Drive
Terranora NSW 2486
Phone: 61  07 5590 4173

Mobile:  0422 304847

Downtown Doggy  copyright 2003









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