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Princess Maddison - The face of downtown doggy

Maddy was a gorgeous puppy....



Dog collars Ruby Donnelly makeover photos coming!

Katie Donnelly loves her baby Ruby and why wouldn't she! What a gorgeous face she has.

Katie says.."Ruby is 5 months old on the 26th of June (she was born on Australia Day).

She is a purebred chihuahua, but she's not very tiny. She's a bit over 2 kg and will probably get a bit bigger. Her mum (Pheobe) was quite big but her Dad (Cloud) was tiny with a beautiful caramel and cream long coat. He was a show dog but fell off the podium and lost some teeth, so the owner sold him to my breeder and he has become her stud dog.

Dog jewelryRuby sleeps on our bed most nights and cuddles against our tummy or back, or curls up against my arm with her head on my shoulder. She's better than a teddy bear and loves to wake us up with kisses.

We live in Port Headland in North-West WA, so the weather here is very hot; however, when we started getting "winter" weather, we noticed that Ruby would shiver (especially in the mornings) and didn't like being outside at all and would run back inside after we put her out to go to the toilet. She is an inside dog, but she usually loves to explore, play and sun herself outside, so I realised that I would have to get her something to keep her warm. She doesn't have much hair at all on her tummy and chest, so I want something  to keep her a bit warm, that's not too thick and structured, but soft and comfortable that she can wear inside and out, that allows her room to move (because she's very active), that I can easily wash - basically something practical, but a bit cute too! "


Lulu and Yoda
The doggies loved the bed.  At first they sniffed it a lot,  but then they hopped in and played.  I cant get them out of it now.  They were snuggled up in it this morning because it was so cold.  Your right it is huge, but they love rolling around and jumping in it so I think it's the right size for them.
Thanks heaps for your help! Biunca





He is a 1 year old Maltese who lives in Brisbane, with his mum, Amanda.   "Since the day I got Jasper he has been the best companion I could ask for.  Apart from being the cutest dog I have ever seen, he has such a wonderful personality.  He is quite happy to snuggle with me when I take a nap, but loves to play with his toys at other times.  This little guy will play from morning to night!  He has so much energy it is quite amazing.

He is also intelligent and is doing advanced obedience classes at the moment, with the aim of doing Flyball to satisfy his ball obsession.
Jasper lives with 3 other dogs and definitely lives up to the name 'Prince' on his downtown doggy shirt.  Even though he is the smallest dog in the household he is the boss and is so spoilt .  Jasper is definitely a fashionable dog and will willingly wear bows in his hair and the designer shirts he has.  I think he knows how good he looks. I can't imagine my life without this little guy, he is definitely my best friend." 









Misty is wearing her princess t-shirt and she looks so gorgeous. Sarah says, "Our little princess Misty doesn't like having her photo taken. "

We were very impressed with Misty (even with her eyes closed) and loved to see her strutting her stuff in her downtown doggy gear.


Misty Bird
She is really quite a character. She takes Canine couture to a whole new sophisticated level!

Simba Sinclair

Simba's mum Barbara says...Simba is now 7 months old, full of energy and cuteness. He is very bright and so needs all the stimulation we can give him.  He's extremely good in his Dog Obedience class and our aim is to eventually teach
him Fly Ball since running and fetching is already a game he loves.  We have bells attached to our front door and he rings these (loudly!!!) when he wants to go outside.

Here Simba is showing off his new downtown doggy donut bed! Simba is bred by Z toy poodles. If you are thinking of buying a toy poodle go to this website and see the champions they have bred.

Downtown Doggy was so impressed with Ztoys we are waiting for a teacup poodle to be the new face of Downtown Doggy. We will keep you posted!

Mr Bean and Pixie

Mr Bean and Pixie wearing their Fido fleecy jackets.These guys are so cute! Mr Bean is 2 years and Pixie is 1year old.

When I spotted the cutest puppy in the litter at the Saturday market we had had no intention of adding to the canine population resident in our rainforest retreat.  He was only 4 weeks old but having to be being sold as his human family were camping out and the pups were in danger from hawks.  His mum was a Chihuahua/fox terrier cross and his dad a mini foxie.  He was born on born on Anzac Day so a true Aussie!

 At the time we still had Susie dog - a Chihuahua/foxie cross, aged 14 years and starting to show her age.  Her sister Penny had died in December 1998 and we had decided not to have another dog once Susie died.  Looking at the litter of four darling pups the male pup clamoured to get into our arms.  The pleading puppy eyes sent a message of "please take me home" and we fell in love with the little fluff ball.  Mr. Beau Bean had won our hearts and landed in doggy paradise. 

 His many antics have been a boon as he has given us many a laugh.  Susie dog also enjoyed him and had a lot more life in her and played with him when she felt like getting active.  She died aged 15 in her sleep.

 Mr. Bean at six months almost went to doggy heaven!  Just a few days after having his testicles summarily removed and while still recovering and feeling sore and sorry a nine and a half foot python attacked him.  The snake bit him on the left side and coiled around him so only his tail and nose were visible.  Luckily this occurred on the back verandah under a light.  Hearing a petrified scream we all ran outside.  I grabbed the snake's head and we all uncoiled the snake body off Mr. Bean.  The python would not let go so we had to pry the teeth apart.  The teeth are very sharp and reversed to lock on like fishhooks.  We then took a bleeding hysterical dog inside and treated his wounds and shock.  Luckily he has lived to tell the tale though he was a nervous pooch for many months.


"Danny" is so gorgeous

Brenda Mogensen bought her baby "Danny", a little Pet Pocket to carry him around.

"When Danny Boy first saw the bag he played around with it and dragged it all over the place having heaps of fun.
I let him do that for a while to get him use to it. Then I enticed him with his favourite dried food and placed it inside the bag that I left on the floor spreading the opening for him to get in. Of course he went straight in and stayed in finishing his favourite food. Everytime I placed a bit of food in the bag I said, "walkies". What  I do now is just put the bag on the floor and say "walkies" and in he goes....still put food in until he get used to me saying "walkies". We go for walks and Danny has no trouble with people. In fact he wants to jump out to greet them. I have to watch him carefully as he is very quick. I use the clasp and lock that on his collar. Danny is a "Papillon" french word meaning" butterfly dog".
A  little story about the Papillon.......Papillon is a French name which means 'butterfly'. They got the name because of their interesting, beautiful butterfly-like ears which stand straight up like the widespread wings of a butterfly. Their early ancestors were owned by famous people like Marie Antoinette and Madame de Pompadour. Some of Papillon ancestors were very good ratters, but they prefer to be a house pet and a lap dog. They have a fine silky coat comes in white with various colored markings and it is very easy to maintain. An ideal pet for those who do not have the time or energy to go on long walks or jog with their dog. They get enough exercise indoors. When fully grown they grown between 9 - 11 inches tall.

Danny loves the pouch and going for afternoon walks and everyone was very impressed!


Joanne's baby "Max" is a fantastic Shih Tzu. This guy looks like a little doll. He is so cute. Tosca and Squirt give him the thumbs up!

Max is a 12 week old Shih Tzu and an absolute dynamo. He was born from Australian champion parents and is sure to follow in their pawprints, although he thinks he may well be suited to something more befitting, in the entertainment industry. Perhaps with his good looks and charm he could be a star of stage and screen.

He's a real ham and likes nothing more than to be centre stage. He is adored by everyone that he meets and at the moment is learning how to "high 5" his fans (he can't sign autographs yet).

He is just like a little pocket rocket (thankfully he tires quickly)" says Joanne. "He loves his new pocket and sits very quietly taking in all the sights. We were at a horseshow all weekend so I think he was rather pleased to be out of the way of those nasty hooves! And I was happy not to have to worry about him getting squashed." LOL


Bella transformed into a Downtown Doggy, complete with a couture wardrobe!

Sorry about the images, we will try and bring you some better ones when her mum takes them. She is really tiny and hard to fit, but still gorgeous.

This is Bella, a pure breed miniature foxy. She was born on 20th of April 2004 in Warracknbeal. Her breeder is Lyle Cook. She is 1kg in weight and is growing fast. Her mother Racheal is quite big so she may grow a lot ( hopefully not).
She has the most loving nature and  loves lots and lots of kisses. She loves the camera and loves dressing up. She has a brother Reilly which is a tabby cat. She loves chasing him around the house and even though he is 3 times her size that doesn't matter she will still stand her ground.
The first few nights she slept in my bed and cuddled up to me. But I got woken up to her because she had fallen out of bed and couldn't get back up!
I built a little stool so that Bella could get up on the couch and she loves it! She gets up there all the time and watches TV with me! She really loves her new clothes, and looks adorable. Says Kate.


Pepe is a male, gold, pure-bred chihuahua. Tiny size, huge presence, cute and cuddly, friendly and fun. Obedient, smart, willing to please and very trainable. Loves people, dressing-up and strutting his stuff with style for the camera.

Interested national/international (using local media) agents/media parties: please phone his handler, Joanne in Queensland,
Australia: 61-7- 5597 0453 or fax 61-7-5597 0485.

"Oscar": - male, pedigreed Yorkshire Terrier ("Yorkie"). 
Obedience-trained, performs tricks, dresses up, and dog-agility trial club member.  Terrific presence, fun and friendly personality.  Willing to please, very trainable and loves people and the camera. 

 Interested national/international (using local media) agents/media parties: please fax his handler Joanne in Queensland, Australia: 61-7- 5597 0453 or fax 61-7-5597 0485.      









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